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Monday, December 20, 2010

Road Trip- DAY ONE: successful

And so it begins..The Odometer
 Dec 19th,2010 :Finally we took off. Felt a little sad to leave our home all alone during the holidays especially when the neighbors houses would shine bright with all the holiday lights,our house would be lonely and dark but what the heck..I am going to be traveling. Will get back and make our house shine and make up for the lost time. :)

Weather was perfect, there was a chance of snow in the weather reports the previous night and I was just worried about that, because I am a terrible driver in the snow. But thankfully it didn't. Someone listened to my silent prayers up there. No snow, that meant I had to do my share of driving too. Now the first stop on our trip was in Sandston,Virgina.
Except for the last exit in NJ,we didn't stop anywhere on the way as we had to reach Sandston on time. Sandston lies approximately 15 mins away from Richmond and came into being  during World War 1 when enlisted officers and non-commisioned officers were given homes. Afterwards an investor,Mr.Sands bought the properties and to cut a long story short, the place was christened Sandston after his name.(to be continued)

Could not have asked more from the Weather Man:clear skies

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1 comment:

debarpita mohapatra said...

Great... All the best Honey and Sam. Drive Safe.

Someday I'll ride from NY to Washington via Miami and Costa Rica... Someday!