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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Road Trip:DAY FOUR: The Everglades National Park and Robert is here...

Dec 22nd, 2010: Destination Everglades. They are an hour or so away from our temporary abode. The most different kind of a national park that I have visited so far. The basis of it is that it the world's only natural ecosystem, best place for bird lovers, and nature freaks. The Everglades are subtropical wetlands full of marshes which writer Marjory Stoneman Douglas had christened,'the riverr of grass'.The term RIVER OF GRASS justifies the definition of the Everglades which are the sawgrass marshes, part of a complex system of interdependent ecosystems that include cypress swamps, the estuarine mangrove forests of the Ten Thousand Islands, tropical hardwood hammocks, pine rockland, and the marine environment of Florida Bay.

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1 comment:

Sangeeta said...

and what abt robert?? is he there with u guys??