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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Road Trip

H mm Road trip..Up till now whenever I had heard these two terms, it only meant movies..or deriving enjoyment(read excitement) from watching them in films. Seen Kurt Russell's Breakdown? Or perhaps National Lampoon's Vacation? Most recently may be Little Miss Sunshine..

The fun that is so prevalent simply watching someone else's road trip..their misery, blunders, fun etc are a sense of entertainment to the viewer' but is it equally fun to the people who are actually experiencing it? Well.. I do not know..because I have never been to one..or haven't even heard any of our friends going to one. Travel by a flight makes people reach their destinations in a jiffy ..and are in your destination and soaking up as much sun as you want! So the general feel is that why bother the struggle on the in these holiday- crunching days of the modern world, who actually gets the time to go on such a long vacation?Quite true that one...

But, come to think of it..won't a road trip be adventurous considering the fact that you do not have a 9-5 tourist sight seeing schedule? On top of that ..the events that take place will be unplanned and the traveler will get to experience it first hand :)

Been pondering about road trips for a while now.How will it be?What will happen?Will we see undiscovered destinations, will we follow an adventure or an adventure will follow us?In order to put all these conflicting and inquisitive questions to rest, Sam and I decided to quench it all this Christmas Holidays!!Holiday- crunched time it doubt..but poor Sam hadn't really taken one this entire crunched up holidays resulted in fat- holidays this year end..

So putting on our adventure cap and inquisitive cloaks on...we are set on a journey on the 19th to the very tip of USA mainland..the Florida Keys from the East coast. One way travel to our first destination , Florida City measures up to approximately 1400 miles one way.From there on to Florida Keys another 120 miles or so. All in all, some 1520 miles one way!!!! Will we survive it?Will we have the extreme fun quotient we are hoping to derive from this venture???Well...I don't know..but surely can say, it is worth the shot. 2 weeks, 2 people, 1 destination...coming up soon.

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1 comment:

debarpita mohapatra said...

WOW... When when when!!!

Will wait for the updates...