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Friday, November 14, 2008

as assam burns...we merely spectate...

darkness has befallen. the city is literally dead.once a hub-nub with an assortment of automobile horns honking adding to the cacophony, today it lies deserted and gray.fear has engulfed the city and it leaves me sad and incapable.i feel worthless.being educated and able i am city is torn, my people are wary, homes have been broken, families distorted,children orphaned..

we know it all, yet we can do nothing.peace marches and banner with slogans come to our rescue . but is anyone listening?are we actually fighting an already lost fight?does it really matter to the people we are trying to put across a point?i guess not.

let alone as a city..we as a country are at a very sensitive stage now.
well i am no professional being to decipher the internal issues we are facing.and i would not really like to comment on the politics of it all without actually knowing the facts from level zero to what it is becoming now.but a point to note is that we as civilians are the sufferers come what one knows what guwahati is going through right now except for the inhabitants of guwahati itself.

8th of October 2008 marked the saddest day for the civilians a.k.a the residents of guwahati when they were caught offgaurd. without a clue or a premonition to save them, all were dead. within minutes we had bodies stewn all over the place, with nothing called as 'identity' left behind.the term "human beings are nothing but mere mortals" just came to life.after the tragic happening i have heard such heart wrenching tales that my heart bleeds.

my people back home are bleeding but there is no one to provide a moment of solace or an iota of peace to their homes!we are attacking our own homes with only a motive of putting a point across to others who are willing to listen but all in vain. at the end of the day 'innocence' is the victim. to be powerful, shrewd and god-hating seems to be in vogue. attention to the catastrophe is generated for a heated couple of days, after that things get back on track people still begin to prod the same path where the bomb blasts took place, going about their work for we, can't do nothing.

it's a call for one and's a call that we stick's time we evaded the farce face we seem to wear by talking about secularism in india and loving all religions. it's time we practiced what we preach to others!IT'S THE TIME OF THE DAY THAT WE PUT MORE ATTENTION TO OUR ACTIONS THAN JUST MERELY EXERCISING OUR VOCABULARY!!!!!

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