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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Road Trip: DAY THREE: destination reached, FLORIDA CITY

Dec 21st,2010:I know my other two posts are half done and believe me I have got lots to share with you on those two days. It is just that I haven't had the time between all the driving, sight seeing,yapping away with Sam, arguing with him,making up and finally snoring, to pen down all that I have to say. First I thought, I would do all of it in one go, then I realized if I were to do it that way, I would forget the small nitty-gritties of the day which actually spice up the story .Hence, it is better I write a few lines everyday,and add on to it when I have the time so that I can pick up from where I had left.

Now third day, we covered 1500 miles(read nearly 2500 kms)and reached Florida City at 9:30pm. Now Florida City is going to be our home for the next 5 days or so. More on it later.

The third day journey was good. It was the brightest day to travel of all the three days. I took over the driving task first this time. Usually the other two days, Sam started driving and I took over the wheel after our lunch break while he snoozed away resting his filled tummy!! This time I thought of acting smart and I proposed I drive first!Little did I know that the plan would back fire and I would end up driving the most the entire journey!!!Not that I mind driving.It is too much fun if it weren't for the pesky, huge trucks on the narrow I-95 stretch.Everytime my honda coupe had to surpass its fellow brother, the mighty truck, on the narrow strech my heart would skip a beat!I just dn't know why!ANd to top it all, the Interstate-95 stretch from Daytona to about Miami, was getting repaired, so obviously the roads became narrower and my heart beats competed against each other!poor heart.

Map Reading can be fun...Do you like it?

Back to my teen years: rediscovering mushy love stories.
Georgia didnt take much time to cross from Savannah,GA where we had put up on the second night.We were out of Georgia in about an hour and half. As we moved towards south the sun only became more friendlier and decided to shine even brighter :) When Sam took over the driving part,I did two things,no..actually three things.One, I clicked pictures, two ,I caught up on my reading and three, brushed up my geography by scanning throught the pages of the hard copy of our map book.

View Larger Map

Before we knew, we had entered Florida and were in Jacksonville. I had often heard about Jacksonville from Sam when he worked on a project here. Modern city with glass facades and steel structures catching up just like the other booming cities. Next stoppage was Daytona Beach, the beach where we had lots of fun just last year in 2009. Daytona fell right on the way to Florida City ,it was nearly lunch hour and we knew the place hence decided to stop by, refresh the grey cells and grab some bite. Saw the 'Human Slingshot' again. I decided to pass the opportunity to ride it again.BUT I am definitely going to sit on it with Sam before I die. Have attached a video of it from you tube below.

The Human SLing-shot Video from

The Human Sling-shot,Daytona Beach, FL

After NASCAR site,you will see this ahead of you :)
After grabbing stomach -happy sea-food platter and a couple of drinks, we were on our way to Florida City and made it into the city at around 9:30 at the night. Didnot realize it, but we both had actually booked ourselves in this really nice quaint little place.Almost gives you the feel of a sea side village. Hmm..was very satisfied with our home away from home.The free contonental breakfast was one of the most appealing factors for Sam..I have to let that out to you ;P


Sangeeta said...

so my bro is a smart one...making u drive so much...keep writing and post some pics if possible...but dont compromise on ur sleep...

debarpita mohapatra said...

2.5K kilometers! Very nice... Few photographs will be a treat ;)