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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Toilet rolls and creativity ?!?!?!??!

product one on the wall

Taking a break from my travel story, I have some other updates for now.
 In due course of time, my successful road trip will get completely written ..just don't know when!
Meanwhile the focus shifted to making some new things again.More so experimenting with new things.
Every time, a toilet roll got over and it came to a point when I had to discard the cylindrical cardboard box in the waste bin, I used to stop and think , "what a waste". It can be utilized in making something, at that point I just didn't know what and how.
product two: NEAR YET FAR
 Then began my grueling brain storming. What, Where and How became indeed my favorite words for the next few days. And just like Aristotle, I had my little, miniature and definitely not comparable to Mr.Aristotle's 'Eureka' moment. :).

"Lo! Behold tiny grey cells of the brain for here I stand with an idea and need my friends at this hour". Off i went scrambling to my friends and asked them to save up the cylindrical rolls.What on earth...was their reaction. I said,"Dn't ask why, just save them for me". So, theirs along with ours got utilized and I made my idea into a being!
product two on the wall
 Played with patterns and somewhat on the lines of a 3 dimensional painting and came up with these two poster board sized creations!
Oh by the way , they are sitting proudly on the walls of our rooms. Your Views??" class="pin-it-button" count-layout="horizontal">



This is fantastic idea...lovely the way u are recreating stuff!

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