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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Memento and Magnets

I often like to pick up things  from places that we have visited and try to utilize them in making magnets. I have almost made magnets of all the places we visited so far . Like for example, this particular magnet signifies our recent visit to Key Biscayne in the winters of 2010.

home-made KEY BISCAYNE magnet.

We were taking a walk by the ocean and I found this beautifully shaped leaf. It was a dried leaf hence easy to work upon. Cleaned and spruced it up, sprayed some blue color on it to signify water, painted a sun to portray the fantastic sunny weather and cut up a palm leaf in bits and pasted it on one side. Finishing touch ... a dab of varnish on top to give the ultimate shine :)

Another magnet I 'd like to show you is one I made to remember our visit to the Ever-Glades National Park. It was a memorable one-day outing. While learning and getting to know the Anhinga birds and Crocodiles up close and personal, I found one lost feather from one of the birds. Picked it and packed the lone lost feather in my knapsack. Came home and made this........

Keep-sake from our visit to the EVERGLADES.
our companion for the day that was..the Skillful ANHINGA." class="pin-it-button" count-layout="horizontal">

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